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Postby telles » 28 Mar 2006, 19:45

Saiu em um monte de jornais brasileiros, mas a melhor matéria foi a do Boing Boing

EMI releases Brazilian DRM CDs that totally hose their customers
Brazilian mega-star Marisa Monte's new CDs from EMI ("Infinito Particular" and "Universo ao Meu Redor") come with DRM that can't be uninstalled, and requires you to "agree" to a contract that isn't published in Portuguese. Even if you disagree, the malware is installed. The DRM blocks you from playing the CD on Linux and MacOS, and from loading it onto an iPod. This, just as the Brazilian government has launched a Computers for All initiative to distribute 1,000,000 Linux PCs, seems particularly contemptuous of the Brazilian people. Ronaldo sez,

    When you insert the CD in your computer, it automatically opens a window with the "License Agreement" of the CD. This is a very large contract in Portuguese, but it is very difficult to read. The agreement is opened in window programmed in flash, so it is impossible to cut and paste the text into another program. In some computers, when you try to scroll down the contract using the arrows, the text slides completely out of control, making it impossible to read.

    After taking some time to read the agreement, the first thing that called my attention is that the text says that a full copy of the contract is available at the address "". That is NOT TRUE. If you go to the "Brazil" link at the page, there is no copy of the agreement whatsoever at the website, contrary to what the agreement itself expressly says.

    The text of the agreement says that the CD will install software in your computer in order to make the cd playable. However, it says that the user must acknowledge the fact that "certain files and folders might remain in your computer even after the user removes the digital content, the software and/or the player".

    Additionally, it says the following: "This contract has been originally drafted in English. The user waives any and all rights that he or she might have under the laws of his or her own country or province, in regard of this contract drafted in any other language".

    Finally, my favorite part. There are two buttons below the agreement. The first reads "Accept the Agreement" the second reads "Reject it". After reading all the above, I decided to reject it, and pressed the "reject" button. Immediately a screen with the word "Initializing" appeared, the proprietary software was installed, and the music started to play in my computer using the proprietary EMI player, as if I had "accepted" the whole thing.

(Thanks, Ronaldo!)

Update: Of course, if you want to get this music without infecting your PC, there's always ISOHunt -- thanks, Christopher!

Update 2: Before you click on ISOHunt, read this, from Malke: "IsoHunt tries to install Winfixer on a Windows machine. Since I know you use an Apple and I use Linux, it wouldn't affect us, but even here on Linux using Firefox with popup control, I got three popup window attempts to install Winfixer on my machine. Winfixer is really nasty malware (I do computer tech support/repair for a living and that's how I know about this) and will seriously mess up Windows users' machines."

Update 3: Clarification: it's not ISOHunt that hs the malware, it's some of the search results on the ISOHunt page.

Primeiro. Quem mandou comprar CD. Isso é para quem ainda compra CD, deixar de fazê-lo. Até o Buggy que eu andei em Natal, no meio do NADA, tinha MP3....

Segundo. De boa, por mais que a industria tente, sempre vai ter um moleque de 15 anos que vai fazer um programinha que acaba com o super bloqueio... Ás vezes, nem programinha precisa. Tem uma proteção que é só fazer um risco com caneta de CD na parte interna, que ela é removida.....

Brazilian mega-star Marisa Monte's new CDs

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